5in5 Songs – 2014

So last week Ryan and I wrote five songs in five days. It was part of the fourth annual 5in5 challenge hosted by the ever-cool Daniel White. ┬áThe details and rules can be found here. If you write songs, or wish you wrote songs, then you should really check it out next year. We have participated every year so far and have a love/hate relationship with the challenge. It’s a week of late nights, neglected children and spousal contempt. But it feels so good to get that song writing muscle moving.

Here’s all five of the songs we wrote last week. Writing five songs in five days is not the same thing as writing five HIT songs in five days. But maybe you might like one or two. If you have a favorite, let us know below!

Day 1 – Monsters

Day 2 – The Richest

Day 3 – Pint-Sized Love

Day 4 – ESP

Day 5 – Debris(Instrumental)

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